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Gary, Judy & Cheyenne (Wentzville)

st. Louis dog fencingI have wanted to write you guys and let you know how happy we are with our Dog Guard fence system. Believe me I thought on this fence for sometime, and checked the other companies before I spent the money. One company was the same price for less area. We also checked the prices of wood and wrought iron fences; we would have spent 10 times as much for 3 acres as we spent on the Dog Guard system.

We were very happy with the presentation; Fred showed us what the collars and wire that he would be using looked like. The installation took only a few hours to complete, had we done this ourselves we would still be digging.

The fence has proven itself many times, with the best one being the other day. We were in the backyard with Cheyenne, our Irish Setter. Cheyenne is always one tor break up any cat fusses inside or out. This day both cats were running on the other side of the wire, Cheyenne took off running, but stopped short of the wire. She did not get shocked because she knew her limit. She ran parallel with the wire for a long time but never crossed.   Well worth the money.

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