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We would like to extend our appreciation for your excellent services before, during, and even after the purchase of your DOG GUARD UNDERGROUND PET FENCE product. We chose the underground pet fence because of the design on the product itself. We are blessed with a home that has a wonderful view and were very hesitant on installing a permanent above ground fence.This fence would have obstructed our view of the beautiful scenery that surrounds our neighborhood and with over 3 acres would have been very expensive to install. The underground fencing system was our only choice.

After extensive research we came upon DOG GUARD OF ST. LOUIS, UNDERGROUND PET FENCE SYSTEMS, and immediately contacted your company. Someone from your company responded very quickly and set up an appointment to survey our yard and upon meeting we were addressed with professionalism, courtesy, and friendliness. Also, to our amazement we were met by you, the owner of the company.

Fred, you understood our needs and installed the system quickly and with quality in mind. We also want to thank you for the dog training and for the services provided after the completion of the job, most companies would not do this. We will graciously give all our friends, family, and work companions your information.

Carol & Family, O’Fallon, MO

I am so glad that we have the Dog Guard underground fence in our yard.  I have two little Shi-tzus who love to chase rabbits and squirrels in the yard.  With the underground fence, they just watch them instead of chasing them.  I also have a mailman who likes to give the dogs treats when he sees them.  Now, whenever they see his white truck, they run for it.  One day the mailman didn’t see my dogs, and he almost ran over one of them.  With the dog fence they don’t even leave the yard for the mailman.  I have peace of mind letting my dogs out into the yard with the underground dog fence.  It is GREAT!!!  –

Kathy, O’Fallon, MO

I have wanted to write you guys and let you know how happy we are with our Dog Guard fence system. Believe me I thought on this fence for sometime, and checked the other companies before I spent the money. One company was the same price for less area. We also checked the prices of wood and wrought iron fences; we would have spent 10 times as much for 3 acres as we spent on the Dog Guard system.

We were very happy with the presentation; Fred showed us what the collars and wire that he would be using looked like. The installation took only a few hours to complete, had we done this ourselves we would still be digging.

The fence has proven itself many times, with the best one being the other day. We were in the backyard with Cheyenne, our Irish Setter. Cheyenne is always one tor break up any cat fusses inside or out. This day both cats were running on the other side of the wire, Cheyenne took off running, but stopped short of the wire. She did not get shocked because she knew her limit. She ran parallel with the wire for a long time but never crossed.   Well worth the money.

Gary, Judy & Cheyenne, Wentzville, MO

Fred Gibbs with Dog Guard Fence, where do I begin?  We have a wild Yorkshire Terrier who I didn’t think could be trained with the Dog Guard fence system.  Fred stated that he would guarantee me that it would work, and he would be there to help me.

Fred installed our fence in the summer of 2008.  He gave me instructions how to work with our dog (by showing me how), and returned several times to be sure that the training was going as he expected.  I was wrong the training did work and it was very nice to have Fred there when I had any questions or needed help, he is phenomenal.  I have recommended his company to my friends and neighbors and they also have been very satisfied.

I am so glad that I made the choice to go with this company as apposed with the other companies that I had gotten estimates from.   Fred cares about your dog and about making sure that you are satisfied.  You can’t go wrong with this company and their product.   Thanks again.

Mary & Family, Lake St. Louis, MO

I’ve moved three times in approximately twelve years and adopted three dogs during that time frame.  Initially, I tried another brand of fence system and had the worst luck possible – a pet that was constantly roaming the neighborhood.  Since I purchased the Dog Guard System I have never had an escape.  My pets are safe, have room to run and play in the yard, and I have peace of mind.   Although the system has proved itself as being exceptional, the service, dependability, and honesty of the local dealer, Fred Gibbs, made my decision to repurchase the system each time, so very easy.  I highly recommend Dog Guard Out Of Site Fencing as the dealer for your new fence system and Fred’s expertise in training your pets – you won’t be disappointed!

Kim & Family, Wentzville, MO

I just want to let you know how much we appreciate all you have done for us. Since you changed our fence to Dog Guard and worked with Sophie, everything is working just perfectly.  Last night a raccoon was in one of the perimeter flower beds in our backyard and Sophie didn’t run through the fence.  Quite the improvement, as you know.  Also, since you worked with her and relocated the wiring to the front yard, my husband has not been seen late at night, barefoot in his bathrobe, running after Sophie as she chases someone or something for blocks!   For the first time, we are able to allow her to enjoy the yard without constantly checking on her or trying to retrieve her from someplace she isn’t supposed to be, which is much more fun for all of us.

Fred, I have worked with 2 other local dog fence companies in the past.  There IS a difference.  You and your product are the BEST. Thanks!!!  

Diane, Chesterfield, MO

We have been using Dog Guard since 2006 and we have only good things to say.  Because we installed Dog Guard our dogs are free to roam our property without intruding on the neighbors or passersby.  This has been the best thing for our pets and we recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to confine their dogs to a pen.  Thank you so much for giving our pets the freedom that they deserve.

 Starla, Troy, MO

We wanted to let you how happy we are with our new Underground Dog Guard Pet Fence system!  It is working out perfectly for us, Tootsie is very happy to be able to roam & sniff as long as she wants to & still be safe.  We are especially happy with the speedy service & dog training you provide.  Another great thing abut your fence system is no more worry about gates left open!, So, thank you from all of us!

Alan, Terri & Tootsie, Fenton, MO